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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Consumption tendencies in times of crisis: A study in a Athenian sampleMandaraka, Mikaela
2014Predictors of quality of life for adults with acne: Τhe contribution of perceived stigmaLiasidi, Ioanna
2014Attachment strategies and substance abuse: A study of a clinical sample of Greek young adultsLeventi, Panagiota
2014"The book of many faces": Examining the impact of attachment anxiety, self-esteem and gender on Facebook self-presentationPagoulatou, Aikaterini
2014The prevalence of alexithymia and its relation to somatization and psychological distress in glaucoma patientsPop, Olympia
2014"Cat people" versus "dog people": Do they differ in personality traits, do they project their personality traits onto their pets, and can specific personality traits in pet lovers predict companion animal preference?Soumelas, Socrates
2014Teachers' attitudes and instructional strategies on inclusion of students with disabilities when working with diverse populationLakki, Irene
2015Dealing with the gaps: The experience of telephone counselors serving in a Greek depression helpline: A mixed methods researchDieti, Eleni
2015The effect of perceived parental acceptance/ rejection on internet gaming disorder and the mediating and moderating effects of core self evaluationsThrouvala, Melina
2015Relationship between tattooing, drug use and perceived body imageVlavianou, Maria
2015Adult attachment and recovery styles in community-based sample of psychotic patientsMitsakou, Nikoletta
2015Before, then and after: An interpretative phenomenological study on the experience of motherhood in the context of infertilityEconomou, Anna - Maria
2015Exploring the association between the big 5 personality model and body imageLeotsarakou, Natalia
2015Contrasting portraits of life: Psychological distress in children living under occupation in PalestineBosha, Lara Rukab
2015A qualitative study on the quest for safety from homeless and drug addicted women living in the streets of AthensDanaskou, Vasiliki
2015The effect of financial distress on sexual desire, after controlling for the influence of anxiety, depression and genderPirlympou, Mara
2015The kind is naked: A study of the players' relationship with their avatar in the World of Warcraft role-playing gameExarchou, Ioanna
2015The cognitive behavioral drama model as an stablishing operation for a neutral stimulus into a conditioned reinforcerTellidou, Sophia
2015Content that creates engagement: Exploring luxury brands on InstagramRegkoukou, Sofia
2016Self-esteem, life satisfaction and anxiety as predictors of problematic cell phone useJeffrey, Meghan A.