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Title: Extent of convergence among Cypriot parents' and adolescents' views on the characteristics of a "good" parent implications
Other Titles: Parents and adolescents
Authors: Frantzi, Michelle
Keywords: Parents
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: This empirical study examined parents' and adolescents' views concerning what characterizes a "good" parent as reflected by three practices (granting autonomy, monitoring and cultivating connectedness/ relatedness) that help adolescents to successfully complete the developmental tasks of identity formation, and individuation while at the same time remaining connected to their parents. The sample consisted of 100 fathers and mothers of adolescents and 105 male and female adolescents, unrelated to the parents and aged 13 to 16 years, who lived in the Cypriot-Greek community of Limassol, Cyprus. All participants were asked to indicate on a 5-point Likert scale the degree to which they agreed that a series of 41 statement described the characteristics of what they considered to be "good parent". Findings confirmed our main prediction that overall there would be more agreement than disagreement in the views expressed by parents and adolescents. All believed that a "good" parent is one who both grants autonomy, monitors and cultivates connectedness to a high degree. Additionally, these views were significantly intercorrelated for fathers, mothers and adolescents boys. While no differences were identified in the views expressed regarding the parental practice of granting autonomy, there was a tendency for parents to endorse monitoring to a greater extent than a adolescents, while males, whether fathers or boys agreed more than mothers and girls that monitoring characterizes a "good parent". Finally, it was found that parents, more than adolescents, agreed that a "good parents" cultivates connectedness. The thesis concludes by discussing the implications of findings for the counseling process.
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