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Title: Depression and anxiety among patients with cardiovascular disease while in a smoking cessation program
Other Titles: Emotional distress, smoking, and cardiovascular disease
Authors: Tsirigoti, Evangelia
Keywords: Cardiovascular
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Cardiovascular disease is among the health-related consequences of smoking. Depression is over-represented among smokers and it is significantly prevalent in cardiovascular disease. Smoking and nicotine dependence is also a risk factor of anxiety disorders who are further linked to CVD. This study measured depression and anxiety among patients with CVD while in a smoking cessation program run by the Cardiology Unit in the University General Hospital "ATTIKON" of Athens, Greece. Extensive research has been done to explore the levels of depression among cardiovascular patients however no research has been retrieved so far to measure depression pre and post a smoking cessation intervention in a hospital setting. A total of 70 adult participants were included. Data were retrieved from the Smoking Cessation Unit of Attikon Hospital between 2014-2017. The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) scores were measured at intake and on a 3-month interval. T-test for independent variables were conducted to test the hypotheses. Scores showed moderate HADS_A and HADS_D but no significant differences were found between CVD and non-CVD participants; t (68)=-0.420, p = 0.676. for anxiety and t(68)=0.155, p=0.877 for depression. Overall, 71.4% reported of quitting smoking at 3 months, whereas 28.6% did not quit. Smoking cessation rates were higher for the CVD group at 3-month interval but no significance was found when compared to the non-CVD group.
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