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Title: A study of dispositional mindfulness and overall school well-being in a middle school in Athens
Other Titles: Mindfulness and school well-being
Authors: Gallis, Sabine Von Stieglitz
Keywords: Mindfulness
School belonging
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Given the documented increase in mental disorders in children and adolescents, schools have increasingly had to take on the role of building socioemotional skills in students. Mindfulness (one's natural ability to be aware of one's thoughts and feelings as they occur) has emerged as a potential pathway to improving self-regulation and overall well-being. This study aimed to investigate the relationship between dispositional mindfulness and psychological functioning of school students in Athens. The study employed a cross-sectional, correlational design and used self-report questionnaires measuring sociodemographic, dispositional mindfulness (CAAM), psychological difficulties (SDQ), emotional functioning (PANAS-C) and sense of school belonging (PSSM). Results showed that dispositional mindfulness was negatively correlated with psychological difficulties (p< .01) and negative affect (p< .01); significant gender differences were revealed. Notwithstanding the limitations of this preliminary study, the findings suggest that mindfulness could act as a protective factor for pre-adolescent students.
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