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Title: A qualitative study into the male homeless identity as mediated by the financial crisis in Greece
Other Titles: Homeless identity as mediated by the financial crisis
Authors: Tagi, Eleonora
Keywords: Adult males
Financial crisis
Identity reconstruction
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: The aim of the present study was to shed light on the impact of the financial crisis relative to three individual's identities (35-55 years of age), having gone from functional members of society into homelessness. The study was conducted in collaboration with the S.R.C.C.A and involved in depth, semi-structured interviews exploring aspects relative to individual' transition and new state of being as illustrated by previous literature including, stigmatization, relative to their sense of self, the concept of sudden or gradual loss and potential trauma. Findings portrayed participants sense of self as devalued and fragmented as well as further depicting a desire to dissociate from other homeless individuals and their new homeless identity. Moreover, participants constructed the experience of becoming homeless as one of continuous losses, demonstrating significant psychological distress. Implications for individuals entailed feelings of solitude and betrayal, their sense of trust tarnished by the loss of their former environment and the persistence of the homeless stereotypes imposed on to their identity making it difficult to reintegrate into society.
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