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Title: Greek government's use of non-paper: Is there an agenda-setting effect?
Authors: Rizopoulos, Petros
Keywords: Greek goverment's
Media agenda
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: The frequent dissemination of non-papers by the Greek government is unprecedented in Greek politics. Curious as to whether these informal, signature-free, government information subsidies produce an agenda setting effect, this study examines the extent of coverage a sample of government non-papers received, as well as the characteristics of any such coverage, in two popular Greek news sites, and Content analysis was performed of both the online news articles mentioning these non-papers, as well as the non-papers themselves. The study finds that the government's non-papers are effective in setting the news media agenda, as well as that a significant association exists between the topic of a non-paper and the extent to which it is covered. By providing insight pertaining to the effectiveness of Greek government non-papers in setting the media agenda, this study hopefully serves as a valuable agenda-building example relating to how executive authorities shape the news media agenda.
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