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Title: A qualitative study on the quest for safety from homeless and drug addicted women living in the streets of Athens
Other Titles: Homeless & drugs addicted women
Authors: Danaskou, Vasiliki
Keywords: Female homelessness
Drug addiction
Sex work, respondent-controlled PEI, defense mechanisms,
Lacan’s mirror stage
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The aim of this study was to explore in-depth the experiences of homeless and drug addicted women in the streets of Athens (N = 7). The study took place in a harm reduction day center serving this population located in the center of Athens. Following a respondent-controlled Photo Elicitation Interviewing approach, the participants were asked to take up to 15 photos relevant to their lives on the streets and they were interviewed about the photos. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis was used to analyze the transcribed interviews, and to develop thematic categories and subcategories representing the participants’ essence and structure of lived experience. Results revealed one essence theme “a pragmatic quest for safety: the idealization of current abusive relationships” supported by two themes and presented in a dialectic relationship with the participants defense mechanisms. The implementation of respondent-controlled PEI enhanced the participants’ creativity and insight. Implications of PEI as a therapeutic tool were also discussed.
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