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Title: "Cat people" versus "dog people": Do they differ in personality traits, do they project their personality traits onto their pets, and can specific personality traits in pet lovers predict companion animal preference?
Authors: Soumelas, Socrates
Keywords: Personality trains
Companion animal lovers
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: A research survey was conducted, in cooperation with the Institute for Personality and Ability Testing, Inc. (IPAT), in order to examine relations between personality factors of cat and dog lovers, their possible ability to predict per preference, and a possible correlation of human personality traits and perceived companion animal personality traits (projection). Companion animal lovers were asked to state their preference for cats or dogs and their perception about personality factors of these companion animals, according to the 16PF® questionnaire classification, and also to complete the 16PF personality instrument. Results showed a significant difference between dog lovers and cat lover in the strength of pet preference, the primary factors of Rule-Consciousness and Sensitivity, and the global factor of Receptivity/Tough-Mindedness. The 16PF questionnaire was able to predict per preference only when the companion animals’ primary personality factors were used as predictors. The predictive ability of the model was small and Warmth was the only factor with a significant unique contribution. There was scant evidence of correlation between human and perceived companion animals’ personality traits.
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