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Title: A study of social media key performance indicators in the food & beverage industry in Greece
Authors: Vouloumakou, Adamantia
Keywords: Social media
Food industry
Beverage industry
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Social media platforms’ diffusion is the current trend that generates many opportunities for all kinds of industries worldwide. Contemporary organizations should embrace the emerged chances. But, in order to do it successfully, it is important to define the social media Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), so as to measure their success towards the pre-arranged social media objectives. Despite the above-mentioned social media KPIs’ significance, there seems to be a shortage of evidence-based social media KPI framework that could support and meet the expectations of the food and beverage industry in Greece towards the identification and development of social media KPIs. In this regard, this research study is based I the triangulation theory, a mix of survey questionnaires (primary data) and review and synthesis of the available literature (secondary data), in order to develop a social media KPI framework that will contribute and support the private sector (food and beverage companies), social media agencies and social media strategies.
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