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Title: The experience of being a parent of a child diagnosed with autism in Greece: A qualitative approach
Authors: Antoniadou - Anemi, Konstantina
Keywords: Autism
Family counseling
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Through phenomenological analysis of verbatim interviews, parental images of living with a child with autism were studied. At the time of the diagnosis. Parents were found to suffer loss, shock, anger and guilt, be given inadequate information and poor help from professional, where others found responsible and motivated personnel to assist them. Verbal loss, challenging behaviors and reaching a new homeostasis in life were seen as problems. The entire family was found to cope with new routines, chronic illness, financial issues and professional difficulties. Relationships were re-invented and efforts were made to maintain the balance and peace within the household and with society and broader social circle. Both positive and negative experiences and feelings were found to co-exist among parents of autistic children. Focusing on future, parents’ main concern was where the child would end without them and whether years to come would bring positive changes and goals in their lives.
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