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Title: Exploring the experience of gendered psychotherapy in Greek women who have suffered sexual trauma
Other Titles: Gendered psychotherapy and sexual trauma
Authors: Daskalea, Aikaterina
Keywords: Gender
Feminist therapy
Gender-sensitive practices
Sexual trauma
Issue Date: Oct-2022
Abstract: Gender-related issues have been receiving increased attention in the past few years. The present study aimed to explore the role of gender in psychotherapy, by illuminating the perspectives of Greek women who have experienced sexual trauma. Participants of this study were 3 cisgender female psychotherapy clients, who had seen a female and/or male therapist upon the traumatic event. Data was collected through individual semi-structured interviews and analyzed with the use of Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA). The results illustrated how the therapist’s gender dynamically influences the therapeutic process and generates a set of different therapeutic outcomes. A female therapist provided a deep understanding, a safe environment, a sense of empowerment, and an attunement with femaleness based on the common gender identity. On the other hand, working with a male therapist was imagined to be threatening but was found to provide a corrective emotional experience. By considering the results of this study that promote the importance of gender-sensitive therapy, existing psychotherapeutic practices can be optimized to better address the needs of this population.
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