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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Dealing with the gaps: The experience of telephone counselors serving in a Greek depression helpline: A mixed methods researchDieti, Eleni
2019From the extreme to the mainstream? How do right-wing politicians use social media platformsApostolopoulou, Ioanna
2019Translation and psychometric properties of the Greek version of the substance abuse subtle screening inventory-3 (SASSI-3)Kontoleon, Panagiota S.
2021Social rejection as a form of bullying: The effect of dogs on students' loneliness and empathyFilippopoulou, Athanasia
2022Teacher attachment style, students’ gender and perceived quality of teacher-student relationshipGeorgatou, Magdalini
2022Children's perceptions of their families during the COVID-19 pandemic as presented in projective family drawingsTzartzanou, Anastasia Eleni
2022A study of associations between parental practices and children's motivational orientation and academic achievementMichalaki, Maria Marina
2022Digital flashcards for academic vocabulary acquisitions with students with learning difficultiesSinou, Faye
2022Remote sensing of harmful algal blooms: Data modeling and business aspectsSkoufias, George
2022Influencer marketing strategy in global CSR campaigns during the Covid-19 eraAnthopoulou, Eleni
2022-09The experience of Greek pregnant working women: A qualitative exploration of gender expectations and role conflictSaglam-Tsoukos, Aysegul
2022-10An exploration of the interaction between mental toughness, help-seeking self-stigma, and attitude towards seeking professional psychological help, in the population of recreational athletesIoannou, Dionysia
2022-10Exploring the experience of gendered psychotherapy in Greek women who have suffered sexual traumaDaskalea, Aikaterina
2022-11Parents’ implicit theories of intelligence and how they relate to failure beliefs and parenting stylesKousoula, Charis
2023Deep Learning Algorithms for Early Diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaPapaioannou, Dimitrios
2023-01The antidote to burn-out The experience of MBSR as a form of self care for mental health counselors in GreeceVersteeg, Stella Jacqueline
2023-02-16Graph-based inference: A case study in identifying potential drug candidates for the treatment of schizophrenia, major depressive disorder & anxiety disordersNtokou, Eleni
2023-05-12Preliminary study of the Psychometric properties of the Greek version of the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire - Short Form, among Greek adultsFlouda, Eirini
2023-06What makes a family: Exploring the coparenting alliance model in diverse householdsTehoumey, Albert
2023-06-27Do you want to ride again? Understanding the cycle of dating application useCherepanova, Mariya