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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Dual family workers in Greece and stress in comparison to individual role expectations, family and work role characteristics.Tsilimidou, Chrysoula
2009Are school friends scaffolds or just playmates? A longitudinal study investigating the direct and context - moderated effects of peer relations on school outcomesTzavela, Eleni C.
2009Extent of convergence among Cypriot parents' and adolescents' views on the characteristics of a "good" parent implicationsFrantzi, Michelle
2010The efficacy of social skills training for outpatients with chronic schizophrenia spectrum disorders: effects on social functioning, community functioning, and self-efficacy. ,Ntousia, Paraskevi
2010A study on the effectiveness of a psychosocial rehabilitation day centre for people with serious mental illnessesKanellopoulou, Eleonora
2011The role of the horse in equine therapySeferiadou, Anthousa
2011A qualitative exploratory of cancer survivors into their experience of posttraumatic realityGkomplia, Aikaterini
2012The experience of being a parent of a child diagnosed with autism in Greece: A qualitative approachAntoniadou - Anemi, Konstantina
2012From social listening to social intelligence: An empirical study of how networked companies harness the power of social mediaSotiropoulou, Evgenia
2012Adaptation and psychometric properties of the Greek version of the body image quality of life inventory (BIQLI) in a college sampleApostolidou, Eftychia
2013Second generation Greek immigrants in Sudan: The experience of returning to GreecePapapetrou, Christina
2013The subjective experience of the relationship with food in a overweight female sampleTomas, Ekaterina
2013Case of Facebook: Account adoption and maintenance motivational factors in GreeceRompoti, Sonia
2013Study of the relationship between workaholism and early maladaptive schemasSigala, Emmanouela - Kyriaki
2013Narcissism and Facebook use in a Greek sampleAnagnostopoulou, Effrosyni
2014A study of social media key performance indicators in the food & beverage industry in GreeceVouloumakou, Adamantia
2014Development and validation of the Greek version of the parental authority questionnaireStavrianidi, Angeliki - Maria
2014Forgiving the unfaithful partner: How do discovery method, frequency of occurrence, and presence of apology affect victim's s reaction?Nodaraki, Ioanna
2014The use of joint activity schedules as a means to promote independent peer engagements through play activities in preschoolers with autism and social difficulties: a systematic replicationKorovesi, Christina
2014A qualitative study of the subjective experience of being anorexic to recoveryBenglidou, Elena