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dc.contributor.authorAnagnostopoulou, Effrosyni-
dc.description.abstractThe gradual rise of social networks has been documented in the last decade. Limited data exist about how Greek individuals use social network sites, particularly Facebook, which is by far the most popular one around the globe. Social networking sites are places where people with narcissistic personality traits thrive. The study aim was to investigate the relationship between narcissistic personality traits and Facebook use in a Greek sample. Participants completed a set of three self-administered questionnaires, including the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI), the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale and questions adapted from the Facebook Questionnaire. Non - parametric test analyses were conducted to investigate correlations between the variables. An independent t-test analysis was conducted to examine gender differences in narcissistic traits. A regression analysis was used to ascertain which of the subscales of NPI predict increased Facebook use.en_US
dc.rightsAll rights reserveden_US
dc.titleNarcissism and Facebook use in a Greek sampleen_US
dc.title.alternativeNarcissism and Facebooken_US
dc.typeThesis (Master)en_US
dcterms.thesisSupervisorJanikian, Mari-
dcterms.licenseCC BY-NC-NDen_US
dcterms.thesisCommittee.MemberTakis, Nikos-
dcterms.thesisCommittee.MemberBeratis, Ion-
dcterms.thesisApprovedByKrepapa, Areti-
dcterms.thesisCommittee.ChairApergi, Fotini - Sonia-
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